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If a black congressman dies in the Trump era, does it make a tweet?

Two black congressmen died within ten days of one another. The different reactions to these deaths underline the current nature of our politics.

German educators visit Morehouse College to learn about HBCUs

In October 2019 a group of eight secondary school teachers from the German state of Saxony visited Morehouse College to learn more about the history of the institution and the role of HBCUs in the higher education landscape of the United States.

Dharma of Science: Teaching the Philosophy of Science for Buddhist Scholars

Last summer, several Morehouse College faculty traveled to India to teach science to monastic students as part of the Emory Tibet Science Initiative (ETSI). ETSI promotes dialogue between Western Science and Buddhist traditions. Morehouse faculty have participated with ETSI since 2015 and Dr. Sinead Younge of the Morehouse College Psychology Department reflects on her time with the program.

Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE)

The Morehouse Pan-African Global Experience (MPAGE), our signature education abroad program, has been taking the lead role in supporting our college’s mission and commitment to cultivate the history and culture of black people around the world. Dr. Michael Dillon examines two commonly overlooked ramifications crucial to our college: student retention and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Morehouse College in Ireland

What can we learn by comparing the Black freedom struggle in the United States with the peace process in Ireland?

Thinking About Ethics

Dr. Nathan Nobis discusses the ethical applications of critical thinking.