Faculty Resolution on Student Debt Cancellation

AYCGL Prison Education Initiative

The Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership strives to serve as a hub for promoting social justice in various forms, including the delivery of a humanities education for incarcerated and returning citizens in Georgia.

The Site of Memory: The 1526 Project and Why it Matters

When does African American history begin? How does the 1526-framing of Black history affect the development of a culture of resistance? Members of the Morehouse faculty announce a new book project: “The 1526 Project: Gullah Geechee Origins of African American History and Cultures of Resistance."

Vilification of Critical Race Theory Spreads Fear, Hate

The campaign against critical race theory is a disingenuous and concerted effort on the right to limit discussion about America’s history of race division, stoke political division, and ensure GOP electoral power.

Moral Leadership’s Still Important

The U.S. needs more moral leaders. Moral leadership includes virtue, courage, integrity, empathy, imagination, wisdom and individuals who serve the common good while inviting others to join the movement.

Prophet of Discontent

A conversation with Andrew Douglas and Jared Loggins about their new book on Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Ethics of Belief

The perils of believing on inadequate evidence and what we can do to form better beliefs.

Prison Education Initiative at Morehouse

The Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership strives to serve as a hub for promoting social justice in various forms, including the delivery of a humanities education for incarcerated and returning citizens in Georgia.

Honoring a Forgotten Past: An Author’s Journey

The author traces the discovery of a rare archival collection and discusses the use of historical fiction to achieve distinctive pedagogical objectives centered on the teaching and learning of Africana studies and American history.

Coping and Hoping from 2020 to 2021

Coping? Is it even a real thing? How can one cope when there is so much out-of-this-world stuff happening?

An Open Letter to the Men of Morehouse

The servant leadership ethos is deeply rooted in Morehouse College’s institutional history and is situated in the core of its distinctive contemporary mission.

Morehouse College Helps Produce Rhodes Scholar Phaidra Buchanan

Morehouse College, the # 1 HBCU producer of Rhodes Scholars, has helped produce another Rhodes Scholar, University of Georgia student Phaidra Buchanan, a Mathlete alumna of the Morehouse College Annual Math Competitions Bootcamp.

Education Equity is Social Justice: Morehouse College and STEM Education

Significant disparities in access to STEM degree attainment and employment reflect the exclusion of Blacks from STEM educational pathways and the US STEM workforce. The consequences of this under-representation include a lack of diverse approaches and perspectives in research, treatment, and public health interventions. Morehouse College fulfills its social justice mission by excelling in the production of STEM graduates who complete the PhD and join the STEM workforce.

The Black Ink Project

The Black Ink Project will connect the writing skills development of Morehouse students to their exploration of topics related to Black Life, History, and Culture (BLHAC), a process that we believe will increase their engagement and ultimately improve their writing proficiency.

My Research with The United States Air Force

Can success in the first physics course taken be predicted by placement into first math course taken, at or above calculus I? Dr. Tuwaner Lamar shares the results of her research with the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA).

Our Ancestors, Our Voices.

We are Melissa Owen, Keisha Tassie, Kami Jogee. We are family. I am their aunt. I am her niece. I am her cousin. We are women of colour. We are Black, we are White, we are South Asian.

HBCUs on the Frontline of the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the COVID pandemic continues to impact communities of color disproportionately, HBCUs and our graduates will continue to be at the forefront of finding solutions as educators, clinical trial volunteers, research scientists, partners, and visionaries reimagining a more equitable health system.

A Morehouse College “Reading” List

Over the past several years I have patched together a Morehouse College reading list, circulating it here and there among colleagues and student scholars. Here is the latest rendition.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Orpheus Songs to Peace and Reconciliation

King claimed that “a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Is our nation approaching a state of “spiritual death”? What metrics are best indicative of our spiritual health, collectively, as a nation if not a beloved community?

The Long Road to Reparations

This essay situates the argument for reparations for slavery in the context of centuries of black political and intellectual history.

2020, 1992, and Beyond: Anti-Black Violence and Black Protest in the US

This essay provides a backdrop to the wave of protests to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others, and it argues that anti-black violence and black protest movements have been recurrent themes in black history from the colonial era to the present age.

Land as Freedom

This visual story of land shows some of the land that Morehouse owns that can be put into partnerships like no other. With a respect for history and people, properties could become centers of innovation, creative incubators, language-centered student housing, faculty and guest housing, living and learning centers. As developers make offers to purchase land that sits campus-adjacent, Morehouse has a unique ability to safeguard and embrace Black people and Black communities.

The Pandemic and Protests Underscore the Relevance of King’s Philosophy

Martin Luther King, Jr. ’48 advocated allegiances across borders and demonstrated that social justice depends upon the recognition of the interconnectedness of humanity. In this moment of crisis, his philosophy speaks to international protesters and to a new generation of Morehouse students.

Monday Night Coping

Faculty at Morehouse College are parents, too. With the responsibility of teaching young Black men also comes the protection of a mother’s love.

Defund the Police Now

More training, more equipment, and more officers will not stop police from killing Black people.

Maroon Tiger Reports on George Floyd Protests, COVID-19 Consequences

The Maroon Tiger is the Morehouse College student news organization. We invite you to take a look at timely content about two of the world’s major issues: the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd’s death with a policeman’s knee on his neck in Minneapolis.

Statement of Solidarity and Action

We, the faculty and staff of Morehouse College, stand in solidarity with the national and international response of grief and anger concerning the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others. We invite you to join us in action.

WWTS: What Would Thurman Say?

Although Thurman was committed to nonviolence, he most certainly understood the exasperation and outrage of Black people against police brutality and white supremacy. But Thurman’s signature response to moments of crisis, which were uncannily similar to our present crisis, focused on “the ‘inward center’ as the crucial arena where the issues would determine the destiny of his people.”

My Letter of Solidarity: Our Work Matters

Sharing from the heart. No matter how helpless we may feel at this moment about systemic racism, we must keep pushing and believe that together goodness will triumph and that things will not be this way forever. No matter the circumstances, the work we do here at Morehouse is today even more relevant.

Rage On

With the killing of George Floyd and too many others, to not rage is to lie.

The Name I Say

The continued spread of SARS-COV-2 is not inevitable. It is irrational.

The Language of the Unheard

Riots have been a mainstay in American history. If we want them to stop, we must abolish the conditions that cause them.

Louis Delsarte: A Reflection

Louis Delsarte was a visual griot and jazz maestro on canvas.